Endless Song 👀

1989 Blake Ave, Los Angeles, California 90039
Oct 13, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Oct 13, 2018
Exhibition and performances by Rebecca Bruno and Rafaela Lopez in collaboration with Yann Novak

Performances by Rafaela Lopez at 5pm and 6:30pm

Rebecca Bruno and Rafaela Lopez have both followed parallel paths of sculpture and performance. These two artists, whose journeys have led them to exploit and to re-translate their mediums, meet to open new perspectives on this common ground for their practice. To build their collaboration, they decided to play a game. Together they have composed a chain verse. Each of them creating a piece or starting a thought that the other picks up to start a piece of their own. Each proposal adds a new layer which serves as a new verse for this endless song, exploring the movement of bodies in relation to sculpture in a determined space: the exhibition space. They invited a sound artist for their pas-de-deux. Yann Novak will compose a sound piece to accompany their exploration of the space they are inhabiting.

FLAX @ Tin Flats

This fall, FLAX is partnering with Tin Flats to present a series of programs focusing on the notions of process and translation—exploring the transition space in which they develop and the actions they offer. FLAX’s residency puts the research process of the artists and curators at the center of its programs. The FLAX House host several artists per year and has become both a center for research and an artistic community. As a live-work space, the FLAX House echoes the hybridity of Tin Flats and its artists’ studios, shared workshop and exhibition space in the heart of Frogtown. Both places witness processes and creation. All the programs oscillate between presence and absence, tangibility and invisibility, bringing together the works of artists from Los Angeles, France and beyond.