OMCAExpand Opening

1661 W. Sunflower Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704
Apr 07, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends Sep 01, 2019
11:00 am | Monster A. Performance Session: Monster Mom
Encounter Los Angeles-based performance artist Matt Savitsky (a.k.a. Minty) activating artworks created by Victoria Fu and Matt Rich to explore their ambiguous function and versatility within a staged scene. Following the performance, Fu and Rich will speak about their work.
12:30 pm | Gallery Talk
Discover the exhibition Fritzia Irízar: CaCO3 on a tour led by Irízar and co-curator Virginia Roy.
1:30 pm | TIME BOOMERANG California Map Breaking Performance
Participate in UuDam Tran Nguyen’s TIME BOOMERANG California Map Breaking Performance and help create the next freaking world order!
2:30 pm | Gallery Talk
Discuss the ideas behind Diego Berruecos’ work in this artist-led walkthrough of the exhibition Diego Berruecos: Only A Shadow.
3:30 pm | I Am Sitting In a Feedback Loop (after Alvin Lucier)
Contemplate the nature of absolute truth as artist York Chang creates a radio booth broadcast inspired by a recitation he heard on a local AM radio station in a remote area of Joshua Tree.
4:30 pm | Gallery Talk
Join Santa Ana-based artist Hiromi Takizawa for a tour and discussion about her exhibition Hiromi Takizawa: Open Air .