1206 Maple Ave., #832
May 25, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Jun 23, 2019
Repeating Fragments is a multimedia group exhibition featuring the works of eight Southern California artists who continue modernist approaches to art making through the use of fragmentation and repetition. In both formal and narrative ways, works in this exhibition explore processes and outcomes from within conceptual models rooted in the 20th century, made relevant from a contemporary standpoint.

Today, the operation of both fragmenting and repeating formal elements has its societal
equivalence in the shifting and fragmented communities of both real and virtual
spaces. They also exemplify the alienation found in capitalistic systems of consumption and debt. In Repeating Fragments, patterning, abstraction, and fragmentation create a milieu of planes that emerge thru the shattering of information and shifting viewpoints of the viewer.
Through the use of color and shapes, these works express notions of space, dynamism,
architecture and speed from the pushing and pulling of implied or illusionary space.

These eight artists explore a wide range of possibilities found in works that use
the language of formalism, expressed thru geometric abstraction and narrative methodologies in figurative works.

Justin Bower, Carolyn Castaña, Dave R Clark, Ed Gomez, Brian Thomas Jones, Mela M, Mary Anna Pomonis, David Spanbock

Brian Thomas Jones, Ed Gomez