Specific Abstractions - Curated by Matt Stromberg || Gabriella Sanchez: In a Manner of Speaking 👀

969 Chung King Rd., Los Angeles, CA 90012
Jun 15, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Jul 20, 2019
a group exhibition curated by Los Angeles-based arts writer Matt Stromberg featuring work by Tanya Aguiñiga, Rachid Bouhamidi, Leonardo Bravo, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, John Knuth, Dan Levenson, Rubén Ortiz Torres, and Brenna Youngblood. Specific Abstractions brings together eight contemporary artists who work in abstract and geometric modes, but whose paintings, textiles, and sculptures draw on a wide range of influences and references, representing a heterogeneous, tangled, and often witty rejoinder to the notion of abstraction’s aloof objectivity.


The show will present eight new paintings, four at large scale, all of which incorporate Gabriella’s demonstrated range of graphic media including acrylic, graphite, sharpie and oil stick, but which newly integrate archival pigment printing and photo collage onto the surface of the canvases.