Gustavo Acosta: Transpositions

2525 Michigan Ave E2
Jun 22, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Aug 17, 2019
Latin American Masters is pleased to present Transpositions, recent paintings by Gustavo Acosta. Acosta’s paintings have always reflected the artist’s fascination with architecture. What gives Acosta’s recent paintings their vitality is the evolution of his architectural forms towards their essential, elemental geometry.

Transpositions features twelve paintings, many of which have a segmented, split-screen structure. Their imagery is the product of a denatured, electronically mediated world. Dystopian critiques aside, what unifies these works and gives them their formal power is their geometric construction.

Gustavo Acosta is known for his enigmatic cityscapes, spiritual kin to the lonely urban vistas of De Chirico and Hopper. Art historian Donald Kuspit observes, “The shadow that haunts Acosta’s worldly cities suggests they are illusions-theatrical illusions which people mistake for reality.” The absence of people, and of human scale, further underscores the illusory quality of Acosta’s cities. Given Acosta’s personal history: experiencing the idealism of post-revolutionary Cuba and the inequities and oppression that followed, it is not surprising that his art would embody a knowing skepticism about the false promises of history.