Embrace: Sung Ja Kim Chisholm Solo Exhibition

4950 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Jun 15, 3 PM - 5 PM — ends Jun 22, 2019
C X U Gallery presents "Embrace" a Sung Ja Kim Chisholm Solo Exhibition.
Her works symbolically communicate the vital significance of the pages that make up the books of lives: "Our memories, experiences, hopes, joys and disappointments are each symbolized by a page or a coil in the unfolding of our individual life journeys."
The works are made with white fabric saturated with white plaster: "The cloth symbolizes all our attachments and warmth throughout life from birth (When we come into the world, and when we die). The fabric also symbolizes how our memories and experiences are tightly woven together within the events of each of our lives, while the central importance of the colour white, through its reflection of most of the wavelengths of visible light symbolizes how our memories, experiences, hopes, joys and disappointments are reflected in our lives."
Her works all use only the colour white: "This is because white readily absorbs the free range of other colours. These other colours symbolize the textures of our life experiences. Yet the connecting curved and straight lines are white to enable all the other textures to blend into the ebb and flow of life."