Telling, Making, Doing: women's work 👀

410 S Spring Street Downtown LA
Jun 23, 2 PM - 5 PM — ends Aug 24, 2019
All over the world, women do the work of creating, sustaining and retaining cultural knowledge and communities. Telling, Making, Doing: Women’s Work highlights Los Angeles-based artists Susan Feldman, Karen Hampton, Veronica De Jesus, Raksha Parekh, Monica Nouwens, Charla Elizabeth, Diane Silver, and Carla Weber who use aesthetic compositions in two and three dimensions to tell stories.

Stories are pieces of memories, language and feeling stitched together. The artists in Telling, Making, Doing use stories as a framework for the material investigations and vice versa, creating a closed, but not hermetic paradigm for their practices. These artists are doing women’s work of remembering, codifying and reinterpreting the telling of identity, of materiality and of aesthetics.

Quotidian has a mission to honor LA as incubator of robust visual language. The city makes space for innovative practices, including material explorations of narratives signified through dimensional forms. LA is also burgeoning with historic truths about women’s work, the acts of making and doing as women, mothers, sisters, wives, partners and artists that create root structures of cultural identity and meaning. Telling, Making, Doing merges ideational and visual topographies of moments, feelings and gestures into transformative expressions that resonate with viewer experience before, during and after exposure to the work.

Telling, Making, Doing is an exhibition about the ways we remember described in a language that is hard to forget. Feldman, Hampton, De Jesus, Parekh, Nouwens, Elizabeth, Silver and Weber are Angelenos by birth and by design who use the space the city provides to honor their history, their narratives and their artistry and in turn engage us in a profound exploration into women’s work.

For further information about Quotidian, the exhibit: Telling, Making, Doing: women's work and available artworks, please contact the gallery.