Kaoru Mansour, Joseph Piasentin & Hei Myung C. Hyun: Mind Game 2019

3130 Wilshire blvd #104 Los Angeles CA 90010
Nov 16, 4 PM - 7 PM — ends Dec 06, 2019
Shatto Gallery is excited to present MIND GAME 2019, an exhibition of paintings and collages layered with connection, association and material.

Three artists, HEI MYUNG HYUN, KAORU MANSOUR and JOSEPH PIASENTIN, share an intrinsic desire to explore and to allow exploration to drive their unique amalgamation of materials that convey their individual discoveries. MIND GAME is about both the contrasts and overlap of experience and interpretation. This visual collocation can be contemplative, absorbing, and at times even playful.

Revealed in the relationship of work from this trio is a desire to engender connection with each other, and in so doing, join a wider audience with expanding diversity.