Someone Else's Ghost

4654 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Jan 10, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Feb 29, 2020
Someone Else’s Ghost

From funerary masks to manuscript illustrations, artworks have long been conduits to the dead or a platform for our haunted pasts to reach visibility. The affect of these apparitions, depicted or performed, depended on their form of manifestation. Artworks and ghosts - in this way - are indistinguishable. Both use worldly materials to conjure presences at once recognizable and out of place among sentient life. Their power to haunt is in their intervening appearance of a relatable past, perhaps as a movement of objects or indexical trace. The artists in this exhibition conjure ghosts that might be shared across psychic or public life. This might mean a societal relation based on what haunts two strangers, such as palpable pictures that bring to the surface immaterial presences, shared across categorical boundaries or private domains. A ghost or hallucination that is not one’s own unlocks the possibility of seeing each other’s past - be it familial, cultural, or ideological. In short, each of the artists address the problem of how we relate to someone else’s phantasms or possessions. By doing so they materialize the margins of historical memory, summon cultural impulses deemed lifeless/unknowable, or conjure new energies that constitute life from another domain.

Image artwork by Munro Gallaway