Being Human is Hard

818 N. Spring St. #202, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Jan 19, 12 PM - 8 PM — ends Feb 15, 2020
Being Human is Hard
Adam Alessi
Alyss Estay
Ethan Stuart
Kellen Chasuk
Maria Guzman Capron
Molly Bounds
Nadair Asghari
Rachel Hayden
Samantha Rosenwald

Being human is hard. How do we process (or detach ourselves from) our experiences, memories, anxieties, and desires? pt. 2: is pleased to present “Being Human is Hard” a group show by Adam Alessi, Alyss Estay, Ethan Stuart, Kellen Chasuk, Maria Guzman Capron, Molly Bounds, Nadair asghari, Rachel Hayden, and Samantha Rosenwald in which the artists grapple with these questions through the lens of comedy, complacency, power, and disassociation.