Michelle Chang: Scoring, Building

1137 S Cochran Ave Los Angeles, CA 90019
Jan 18, 7 PM - 9 PM — ends Feb 29, 2020
Scoring, Building is a new installation by architect Michelle Chang that investigates architecture as allographic work. The project is a temporary and durational intervention in the courtyard of the Mackey Apartments.

Scoring, Building proposes an architectural instantiation from the basis of a score, written by the architect, which is then translated into instructions for the construction of the installation itself. The project is action-based, slowing down and reframing the activities of conventional dry wall construction to focus on site preparation (marking); framing construction (stacking, ordering, assembling), and drywall installation (scoring, affixing, finishing). The installation is scored in three recursive "iterations", each one accompanied by a public program in order to unpack the ideas of the physical piece. Alongside the physical installation, the project is distributed through a live audio feed of the on-site construction and a documentary photography by Tag Cristof.

Scoring, Building is commissioned by Materials & Applications as the winning project of an open call for projects in 2018, and is part of M&A's program series Staging Construction.

The installation is scored in three recursive "iterations," each one accompanied by a public event. Opening reception and Iterations I-III take place at the Mackey Apartments (1137 S Cochran Ave).

-Iteration I takes place on February 1, 7pm - 9pm with guest appearance and electronic music performance by Neil Denari.
-Iteration II takes place on February 15, 7pm - 9pm in conversation with Contemporary Council of Materials & Applications.
-Iteration III takes place on February 29, 7pm - 9pm with a closing party.