Robbie Simon: Spirit House

1024 N. Western Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029
Feb 08, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Mar 14, 2020
The Lodge is pleased to present Spirit House by Robbie Simon, the artist’s third solo exhibition in Los Angeles. The exhibition features selections of work revolving around abstract graphic compositions that are often grounded in bright and unique color palettes that invite the viewer into a highly considered and emotionally resonant world. Simon’s process, which pairs rigor with levity, is grounded in his rich background in graphic design.

Spirit House, which includes a constellation of large scale paintings based on computer-generated 2-dimensional graphics, eschews one thematic through-line in favor of a more quixotic undefinable mood that’s designed to quietly seduce the beholder.

This evocative connective tissue, Simons explains, accounts for the show’s title which was drawn from the miniature shrines found in South East Asia. “I thought it was a really nice metaphor for the work in that the paintings, when they’re effective, hopefully, function as a kind of temples for someone’s story or emotions. That’s how I’m thinking about the work right now: art that functions as a conduit for someone’s experiences or feelings, just as spirit houses are vessels for spirits to live within.”

Simon’s practice continues to be inspired, first and foremost, by music, and his new work, which includes the release of a 7-color limited edition print, bears the same sense of melody and ephemerality as a brilliantly crafted composition. Layered, optimistic and eminently collectible, Simon’s work pairs timelessness with nostalgia - a combination that feels vital in the current zeitgeist. “My paintings are meant to be evocative, but I purposely avoid anything that’s obvious or pessimistic; they’re intended to be interpretive, symbolic and vague to allow people an opportunity to experience their own message and story,” says Simon.