1357 Brixton rd
Feb 02, 1 PM - 5 PM — ends Apr 05, 2020
La Loma Projects is proud to present DEMIFIGURES, a group show featuring new works by Amy Bessone, Alejandro Cardenas, Namuyimba Godwin, and Aaron Morse. The art of DEMIFIGURES connects to some idea of partialness, incompletion, being in-between. Bessone’s drippy, gestural nudes portray femininity in midlife. Prettiness is edged with foreboding: skulls ground a bed of flowers; her women writhe and melt away. Decay also haunts the work of LA-based painter Alejandro Cardenas. His controlled environments are broken up by indescribable, monstrous semifigurative forms. They evoke Yves Tanguy. There is a dark humor in the contrast between Cardenas’s grotesque insertions and the delicacy and precision of the hand that made them. For his debut show in Los Angeles, Ugandan painter Namuyimba Godwin is showing a suite of portraits tha explore the construction of identity in relation to race and individuality in a postcolonial African context.  Every color is here, paint intersperses with collage. Sunglasses, flowers, an umbrella, underwear, dogs, butterflies, the Earth, TVs in the rain–the mélange muddles location–are we exterior or interior, or in between? Aaron Morse’s dense, surging landscapes hover at a midpoint between figuration and abstraction. Animal, human, vegetal and architectural elements jostle and compete in flat, graphic worlds.