Jon Ching

571 South Anderson Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033
Jan 25, 7 PM - 11 PM — ends Feb 29, 2020
On Saturday, January 25th, CHG will be ringing in the New Year with a stellar line-up for our first shows of 2020, featuring LA-based artist Marion Peck, with her new exhibit entitled "Red Clown, Blue Clown" hosted in Gallery 3. The Pop Surreal artist was born in Manila, Philippines, and received a BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design. The universe of Peck is inhabited with a mixture of delightful, yet sometimes naughty figures, appearing in haunted tale scenes with melancholy clowns and three-eyed kittens. Her paintings are both enchanting, strange and ironic as she plays on the contradictions with accessories and context, completely submerging the audience in her world.

In Gallery 2, we have an incredible 3-artist show featuring "Course Correction" by Susanne Apgar, "Betwixt" by Lori Nelson and "Succession" by Jon Ching. And in the Main Gallery, "The Influence of Fellini: A Surreal 100th Birthday Celebration Group Exhibition" featuring Dosshaus, Brandi Milne, Korin Faught, Zoe Byland, and more!

We hope you’ll join us on opening night to celebrate the artists and their new creations and the New Year!

Advanced online previews can be requested now at