Coleman Collins: Oneirocritica

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"Dreams are a series of thoughts, transpiring during the time a person is sleeping. During slumber hours, the body is completely relaxed and the Inner Soul of a person forces the mind, thoughts, and visions of people, things or events happening, that causes wonder and much thought when that person awakes. A dream may cause your entire life to be changed. It may mean Happiness, Wealth Success; or it may mean the reverse. This is an era when Sorrow and Strife are altogether too common for comfort. Not only have economic problems, but our social life, become so complicated that often we do not know which way to turn. Many people, who are believers in dreams, call upon fortune tellers, or ask people who are ignorant of the study of dreams, for interpretations. They find out soon enough, the wrong advice they received. Therefore, we have carefully compiled a complete series of interpretations of all possible dreams, written by one of the greatest authorities on this subject. The author has worked laboriously and unceasingly, and has traveled all over the world so as to gather correct data. This is truly a Dream Book of the highest order. Read it carefully and guide yourself by the wisdom within. We need knowledge and understanding combined with determination to accomplish our desires. Through Faith and Science we can develop sufficient force to control all that surrounds us, be it Poverty, Loneliness, Business, or Love."

- from "Professor Lalubi's Dream Book", publication date unknown