Group XLIX Final Projects

1137 S Cochran Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019 ‎
Mar 05, 7 PM - 9 PM — ends Mar 08, 2020
An exhibition by the 49th group of MAK Center Artists and Architects-in-Residence at the Mackey Apartments

The Mackey Apartments Garage Top Gallery
1137 S Cochran Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90019
Tel: (323) 651-1510

Veronika Eberhart´s multi-layered work orbits around "The House of Un-American Activities" (HUAC) hearings of Austrian composer Hanns Eisler and the correspondence of his wife Lou Eisler. Her new series consists of a 16mm film, photographs, a sculpture, and an edition of vinyl records.

Join her for the special program 4 Songs in Apartment 3 ("Raise up”, “In Praise of Learning”, “United Front”, “The Soup Song” by Berthold Brecht, Hanns Eisler, Maurice Sugar, Marc Blitzstein, respectively) on Sunday, March 8 at 4:00 PM.

Ting-Jung Chen's project is based on her exploration of the Rose Parade in Los Angeles. Chen explores media reports and collects ephemera from the site while conducting a micro-field-study. She transfers the given material into The Names, an assemblage of sound, image, text, and objects.

Jakob Sellaoui's The garage will do is a temporary installation in the backyard space of the Mackey Apartments that includes invited talks by ten LA-based artists, architects and writers. The talks will take place Saturday, February 29th at 7 PM (with Cristobal Amunategui, Wendy Gillmartin, Andrew Kovacs, Emanuel Rohss, and Julia Tcharfas) and Saturday, March 7th at 6 PM (with Katy Barkan, Fiona Connor, Jia Gu, Jimenez Lai, and Luis Ortega Govela).