Akina Cox: Apokalypsis

815 Cresthaven Drive LA CA 90042
Mar 15, 12 PM - 4 PM — ends Mar 28, 2020
BOZOMAG is pleased to announce “Apokalypsis," an exhibition of new works by Akina Cox. This exhibition opens on Sunday, March 15th.

How does one fight against a power structure that seems all encompassing? Should we give up? Is it possible to start again, or will our past poison our future?

“Apokalypsis” seeks answers to these questions by understanding how politics, belief systems, and folktales intertwine themselves to create a culture of exploitation. Cox’s use of materials -- raffia, casein, and papier-mâché -- points to a history of craft, used for centuries to teach children motor skills while engaging them through storytelling. Other materials -- ivory black made from charred bones, clay, black walnut ink, and tea appear in the Bible and other ancient texts, both as divination tools and conjuring devices.

Together, these materials form an apokalypsis, part of an ancient tradition of prophetic texts. The most well-known example is the Bible’s “Book of Revelations,” in which monsters appear to punish humanity. To create this “Apokalypsis,” Cox reflects on her childhood in the Unification Church, a notorious cult also known as the "Moonies". Like most cults, they taught members that outsiders were evil and Satanic. When Cox left the Unification Church, she realized that the very people she was warned about -- feminists, artists, activists -- were the people fighting for her all along, before she even knew she needed them. Through their friendship, she learned that paradise was not a far-off result, dependent on a decision to fight or start over. It could be found nearby, in a community working together.