Maggie Wong, David Sprecher, Bill Wells: Medium

1206 Maple Ave #906 Los Angeles CA 90015
Mar 14, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Mar 28, 2020
It is a great pleasure to present our third exhibition at take care, Medium.

Maggie Wong
David Sprecher
Bill Wells

How to get close without
eliminating distance? Is this
what our technology aspires to?
Perhaps it is that our everyday
language is abstract, more so
than it is given credit for–
both too small and too large to pin
down specificity. Descriptions
slip in time and are tested
against the concrete, where
they settle on approximation.
Within the space of play we find
a familiar and specific feeling. A
medium of engagement. A call
and response from a form of
action that resonates in rhythms
and rhymes. When presence
and absence become one and
the same, the field is folded, and
form becomes that which
inhabits it. It's there that a mold
is made. A mode of production.
In this space, to stop making
sense is to sense what is made,
both for and with one another.