[Online Exhibition] Christopher Iseri: Take Me To Mars

743 N. La Brea Avenue
Apr 24, 12 PM - 12 PM — ends May 31, 2020

Christopher Iseri’s practice engages modes of structure, association, and experimentation to make work that uses the familiar to arrive at the unfamiliar; objects occupy space between depiction and abstraction. Over the last four years, the artist has transitioned from working with layered tracing paper and ink to sewn canvas and flashe, developing a distinct set of visual variables with these materials from which he mines his compositions. Palette is restrained to black, white, and primary color, while variation of line and gesture are repeated across works. The artist considers these parameters rigid until the material itself takes hold; canvas is often cut, layered, collaged, and sewn back into place. Stray thread, frayed edges, and marks made in the past contrast with crisp lines, precise drop shadows, and flat swathes of vibrant color, shuttling the viewer into an orbiting cycle of permuted spaces, all sharing a common visual lexicon.