[By Appointment Only] Rachel Hayes: Land Lines

4851 West Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
May 16, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends Jun 27, 2020
This exhibition is open by appointment only.
When entering public spaces please follow social distancing guidelines set by the city and state.

Lowell Ryan Projects is pleased to present Land Lines, a solo exhibition by Tulsa, Oklahoma based artist Rachel Hayes. Land Lines features twelve large-scale panels composed of colorful fabric segments sewn into perpendicular, grid-like arrangements. The polyester, nylon and cotton fabric pieces, varying in size and opacity, are stitched together creating works that utilize painterly games of color, composition, and light. The materiality of the panels creates an engagement between the site, the work, and the viewpoints created.

Ethereal and geometric, each panel staggered throughout the gallery reaches from floor to ceiling at 13 feet high. Viewers will be encouraged to wander through the maze-like installation and experience shifting patterns of color and light as sheer sections frame the panels behind and around them. Confronted with the scale of Hayes’ work, viewer’s perceptions of space are challenged, while the rhythm of pattern begs the viewer to slow down and contemplate the experience.

Hayes interjects color and form into both architectural and natural environments using scale and the inherent responsiveness of the delicate fabric to create reflective experiences. She sometimes installs and photographs her work in nature where, billowing in the wind, the pieces insert themselves into the surrounding environment. When installed indoors, the works ripple in response to viewers and come alive when seen.

The exhibition title Land Lines references literal lines such as horizon lines or sight lines and in the case of this exhibition, the architecture of the gallery and the intersection of the work within the space, the clean lines of the handmade panels crisscrossing the room.