Aska Irie & Tomoaki Shibata: Rona v Amabie

11631 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
May 23, 10 AM - 12 AM — ends Jun 21, 2020
Open Mind Art Space in collaboration with JAUS, is pleased to present Rona v Amabie, a window exhibition featuring works by Los Angeles based artists Aska Irie and Tomoaki Shibata. The exhibition will be on view in the gallery’s storefront window 24 hours a day from May 23 - June 21, 2020. Viewers are invited to walk up to view the exhibition from the sidewalk while adhering to standard social distancing guidelines. (*Please note, there will be no opening reception)
Irie’s Virus sculptures were initially created last year as a discourse on how misinformation spreads like a virus. With the development of events over the past few months, they have taken on a more relative significance to the novel coronavirus. Her sculptures are hung throughout the window space in front of Shibata’s bold and vibrant mixed media works depicting abstract portraits of Amabie, a mythical Japanese spirit/creature often mentioned in Japanese folklore since the late Edo Period (mid-1800s) who is believed to have the power to cure plagues. Shibata recently started creating these works in response to the current trend on social media, a.k.a. the #amabiechallenge, that has been calling on illustrators to draw Amabie in a superstitious effort to protect people from Covid-19. The artists hope that these Amabie images and objects can serve as talismans to ward off sickness and protect passersby from harm.