[Online Exhibit] Faith Holland: HARD/SOFT

1000 S Hope Street Suite 420
Jun 28, 12 AM - 12 AM — ends Jul 30, 2020
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FAITH HOLLAND as told to Giampaolo Bianconi for ARTFORUM:
"In Faith Holland’s work, one is always attuned to the erotics of technology and virtual space: the sensation of stroking a trackpad, tapping a keyboard, or cradling a cell phone are revealed as genuinely intimate acts. Her exhibition “HARD/SOFT” now online and installed in the physical space of Los Angeles’s TRANSFER Gallery, has two parts: “The Most Beautiful Dicks Pics of All Time,” a series of GIFs hosted on Pornhub.com, and “Soft Computing,” a collection of plush sculptures featured in collaborative performances and a vanitas livestream."