[By Appointment Only] Evan Nesbit: Open Objects

5801 Washington Blvd., Culver City, California 90232
Jul 07, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends Aug 15, 2020
Roberts Projects is pleased to announce Open Objects, the latest exhibition of gallery artist Evan Nesbit. The concept that painting can exist as an energized and haptic environment into which the artist transforms performative gestures into elliptical structures is at the heart of Evan Nesbit’s art-making practice. Nesbit utilizes the sense of action inherent in abstract painting to supercharge his rough-hewn burlap surfaces, renegotiating these liminal spaces into what he terms “proprioceptive experiences.” In other words, paintings that use color and shape to embody an entire living history, to render not just the singular moment, but the entirety from which that moment is born and into which that moment will eventually recede.

Nesbit's paintings are formal inversions that visually develop as both an image and model of the provisional space in which the artist works. A kind of syntactical abstraction develops as a result of the chance operations of his process, following the margins along which semblance swings to reveal visual uncertainty. Thus, his images are never fixed, but are constantly transforming long after the paint has dried. Even the titles he gives his paintings - View Finder, Projective Strangers - suggest a constant, effortless transformation and the idea that systems of understanding are unreliable at best. It is this very unreliability that holds his attention.