[Online Exhibition] Aaron Curry

5130 W. Edgewood Pl. Los Angeles, CA 90019
Jul 15, 8 AM - 8 AM — ends Aug 12, 2020
David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to present an online solo exhibition of new sculptures and works on paper by Aaron Curry. Featuring both floor- and wall-based compositions, the show highlights the importance of collage in Curry’s project, as well as the complex and playful spatial effects he generates through the combination of flat forms. Juxtaposing appropriated imagery from sources like cereal boxes, comics, and sci-fi book covers, and constructing objects from materials that include printed and cut vinyl, Plexiglas, and LED lights, Curry has produced works that synthesize a career’s worth of exploration while breaking new compositional ground. The exhibition will open at the gallery’s Online Viewing Room at DavidKordanskyGallery.com on Wednesday, July 15, 8:00 am PT and will remain on view through August 12, 2020. The show will also be on view
at GalleryPlatform.LA from July 16 to July 23, 2020.
Aaron Curry is one of contemporary art’s most astute observers of the ever-changing intersections between digital and physical spaces. Though his finished work is resolutely analogue and handmade, his point of view seems to hover in an unlikely zone between the computer and the woodshop, and between the shifting visual masses of current popular culture and the experimental, abstract ethos of modernist art. Upon first glance, Curry’s newest sculptures are perhaps most notable for the image-dense compositions that cover their components. The result of paper and cardboard collages that have been scanned into the computer and printed onto vinyl, the "skins" are then subject to various kinds of manipulation. When Curry wraps them around wood forms, new image and textural combinations arise organically; but he also intervenes in more mediated ways, using a digital plotter to remove lines and shapes based on his own drawn marks.
Throughout these new works, the presence of the body and the impact of physical things is weighed against the virtual, hyperreal spaces that continue to proliferate at an astounding pace. Curry manages this feat with humor, precision, and curiosity, revealing surprisingly seamless connections in otherwise disjunctive worlds.