I of LA 👀

1325 Palmetto Ave
Aug 29, 5 PM - 8 PM — ends Sep 26, 2020
Mash Gallery presents I OF LA, a celebratory exhibition of LA’s most discoverable artists. I OF LA, opening August 29, 2020, 5-8pm, features 24 of the area’s top emerging artists—selected from almost 200 submissions and single-handedly curated by MASH Gallery founder and artist, Haleh Mashian. This breathtaking summer show provides a much-needed and safe opportunity to bring the community together to find solace through art.

To meet the safety needs of social distancing, the MASH Gallery venue is uniquely suited for today’s live gatherings that require more space and open air. Haleh Mashian has created an outdoor opening event made possible by mobile museum-quality gallery walls, that will be staggered outside the gallery for public viewing. This summer opening will feature a DJ. Safety is MASH’s first priority as the gallery knows that inspiring and continuing community is just as important during this time of recovery.

I OF LA highlights the kinetic visual energy against an orderly and refined structure to enhance the high degree of visual complexity around us. “I aim for symbolic interactions to create a contrasting visual syntax for I OF LA. The works possess an energetic rawness and were not designed to be exhibited together.” says Mashian.

Mashian explains that the term “emerging artist” can be misleading. So-called emerging artists are sometimes freer and less restrained to experiment with ideas, concepts and materials that don’t immediately resonate with each other—but the unexpected results can generate an energy, a fluidity, that lay previously undiscovered. “I wanted to give these voices a presence in an established gallery,” adds Haleh.

Showcased artists include vivid abstractionist Moises Ortiz, whose arresting works evince an energetic use of color and composition; Terri Lloyd, whose faceless figures grace the stark suburban pastel backgrounds of her childhood; abstract photographer of ordinary household items, Laura Hull; urban street artist and portraitist, Jacob Root; modern-day Lichenstein descendant, Dan Litzinger, whose pop-comic style mixes mid-century aesthetics with current pop culture imagery; the minimalist installation art of Alex Chiu among many others.

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