Curate LA Gallery Walkthrough with Band Of Vices Curator Terrell Tilford

Los Angeles, CA
Aug 05, 5 PM - 6 PM — ends Aug 05, 2020

Join us Live on Instagram on Wednesday, August 5 at 5pm as we tour Band Of Vices' latest show: MASTERPIECE. Curator Terrell Tilford will take us through the gallery for a look at works by:

Bryan Lee Tilford
Calvin Clausell Jr.
Chelle Barbour
DeShawn Dumas
Eilen Itze lMena
Lanise Howard
Lyndon Barrois
MonicaI kegwu
Musa Hixson
Pamela Smith Hudson
Patrick Henry Johnson
Raelis Vasquez
Ricky Day
Sharon Louise Barnes
Talita Long
Victoria Cassinova