[By Appointment Only] Devin Reynolds: Vaguely Political

310 E Queen St, Inglewood, CA 90305
Aug 15, 12 PM - 6 PM — ends Nov 07, 2020
We will have limited opening hours and implement safety precautions for the protection of all our patrons.

Vaguely Political is an extension of Reynolds’ first L.A. solo show, titled Vaguely Familiar in 2019. Reynolds continues to reference hand painted signage, narrative mural painting techniques and material application on board and canvas. The work in this exhibition depicts the imagery of his blue-collar upbringing in Venice, CA in the early 90s. Given the rise of gentrification in Venice over the past two decades, Reynolds’ work is often viewed as political with depictions of a Black father raising two children while showing a lesser-known side of the beach city; something that is rarely seen in a community that is now predominantly White and upper class. While the artist’s intent was to pay homage to his family and hometown, the work can be viewed as a social commentary on the Venice area by drawing a line through the current socio-economic situation, gentrification, and the displacement of a largely Black and Brown community. In regards to the work in the exhibition, traditionally, text based art needs a surface medium that is accessible to be viewed as legible or understandable. In Reynolds’ work, we find a space on panel or canvas that is constantly in flux, giving way to paintings that skip around in time much like a collection of subconscious thoughts made up of lucid dreams and memories of a conversation.