Galaxy Brain 👀

4852 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90029
Oct 03, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Oct 03, 2020
Galaxy Brain brings together the work of four Los Angeles based painters:

Ryan Crudgington
Mike Chattem
Lee Piechocki
Eric Dwight Hancock

Each artist makes heterogenous work that in some way challenges codified vocabularies of contemporary painting while also embodying the prolific language of the digital and the screen. The title highlights the heterodoxy of art that prioritizes open mindedness, off-beat individualism, and creative tangents.

While different in important respects, each artist in the show makes work that revels in the thrill of virtuality and the free-play of appropriation. They engage easy access to imagery with the need to adjust, to transvalue, to renounce or to enrich. Taken as a whole, the works in the show address the virtue of the messy, personal, complicated and undefined. This is in contrast to the current social and digital environment that encourages closed congregational thought, conceptual convergence and aesthetic coronation.

This exhibition takes its name from a popular meme whose astral depiction of enlightened brain states glibly tackles any number of topics ranging from whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich to the merits of capitalism. In contrast, the work in the exhibition takes a more fluid position favoring open ended idiosyncracy as worth celebrating in its own right.

Gallery is open Tue - Sun 8a - 4p
Closing event Saturday, October 3rd 6p - 9p

Image: Mike Chattem, Melon Drama, 2020