Marcus Zúñiga: Locating the Cosmic Spirit through Emplacement

3910 Los Feliz Blvd
Oct 18, 2 PM - 3:30 PM — ends Oct 18, 2020
Artist Marcus Zúñiga will present a live virtual lecture on his recent land artwork gila emplacement, sharing the research and development of this project that took course over 14 months and was partially informed from materials of the Philosophical Research Library. The land artwork, gila emplacement, was performed in July 2020, close to the artist’s family home in Reserve, New Mexico, to engage with the planet Venus as a meditative exercise for articulating the conditions that constitute a specific moment in spacetime.

“The emplacements are a means to further my artistic understanding of the cosmos in direct communion with earth and sky,” says Zúñiga, “and in doing so my goal then becomes to determine the form that can communicate the essence of the work’s spacetime specific experience beyond the moment it unfolds from.”

The presentation coincides with the release of a new artist book (see image below) made to represent gila emplacement. The artist book will be an edition of 100, and sold through the Philosophical Research Society bookstore. The book includes writing contributions from Zúñiga, Alicia Inez Guzmán, Zachary Korol-Gold, and artist Lita Albuquerque, with design by Laura San Román and Jonathon Durate at

About the Emplacement series:

An emplacement is an artwork performed to locate the self within the cosmos, and feel the local and cosmic scale of place simultaneously. In doing so, the individual sees themselves in many places at once. The emplacement is specific to the place and time they occur within where there are reasons for coordinating the conditions of spacetime to support the act of engagement between the Earth and Sky. Natural materials, often gathered from the ecology of the place, are used to make a circle barrier on the ground as a visual marking where the individual can echo between the local and cosmic. It is meant to be an experience which can only be expressed once, and nothing but the total experience can represent it outside of itself. From the emplacement, a lesson of cosmic consciousness is learned.

About the artist:

Interdisciplinary artist Marcus Zúñiga creates time based works, using direct sunlight and video projection to generate temporal registrations. The primary theme of the work is locating place within the universe, and by extension contemplating local and cosmic scales of place simultaneously. Informed by research from a combination of sources, including astronomy, digital aesthetics, and Xicanismo, his works interact with their surroundings to embody specified spatiotemporal relationships between human and cosmic bodies. Zúñiga received his BFA from the University of New Mexico in 2013 and MFA from Art Center College of Design in 2019.

Image: Marcus Zúñiga, Venus (from gila emplacement), 2020, courtesy of the artist