621 S Olive Street Los Angeles, CA 90014
Oct 08, 5 PM - 10 PM — ends Oct 26, 2020
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Aziz Diagne
Cheyann Washington
Damon Davis
Devin Mercadel
Gianni Lee

Tanicka Vickers has curated a new exhibition presented by Wonzimer Gallery. Expanding on the meaning regarding the title of the exhibition. Tanicka has chosen a broad variety of Artists that explore the polarity of negative and positive energy in their work through different forms of art.

Discovering the different associations and definitions of the word “Channel” in the artists work. The exhibition exemplifies the struggle of artists in modern times but also reveals the joy that comes through creating artwork. In turn creating the perfect balance, demonstrating the yin and yang of these artists' daily lives and their practices.

From light to darkness, CHANNEL intends to explore both sides of the same coin through installations, paintings and sculpture. All of which display the deepest emotions and desires that have come to the surface during the Pandemic and demonstrate new perspectives that these unprecedented times have exposed.