Paulina Sahagun: Making Ofrendas workshop

1639 18th Street Santa Monica, CA 90404
Oct 24, 11 AM - 12 PM — ends Oct 24, 2020
Paulina Sahagun | Making Ofrendas
Saturday, October 24, 2020 | 11am – 12pm

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Learn about the MesoAmerican Dia de Muertos Tradition with artist and performer Paulina Sahagun. This workshop will introduce participants to the basic philosophy of this sacred cultural ancestral ritual celebration of life and death. Participants will be guided to create an essential Ofrenda/Altar for your ancestors and recently departed loved ones, adapted for our
present times of Covid-19.

Materials: Photo or photos of departed loved ones (can be copies of originals), Know the favorite food and drink that your departed liked
Candles (tea lights, birthday candles, any type of candle), small glass, small bottle cap or lid, ½ teaspoon of salt, A paper towel, toilet paper, sewing thread or thin cotton twine (about 30 inches), glue or glue stick or tape, scissors

Optional: shoe box lid or file folder, crayolas, watercolors

Recommended Ages: All ages.

Paulina Sahagun has performed on both sides of the Mexico / U.S. Border. She began her theatrical career as a member of the Mexican Theater Company: Los Mascarones and was a founding member of Grupo Cultural Zero. With these companies she toured extensively throughout Mexico and the U.S. performing original theatrical works. Her credits with El Teatro Campesino and Luis Valdez include the play “La Pastorela” and the PBS Special “El Popol Vuh.” Sahagun has worked with TENAZ, The Inner City Cultural Center, Plaza de La Raza, UCLA Mexican Art Series, the 1990 Los Angeles Theater Festival, and CARA. She co-directed the Young Conservatory, a training program for young actors and was a Drama Instructor at Inner City Arts. Sahagun is a graduate of the Del Arte School of Physical Theater and received her master’s degree in the World Arts and Cultures program at UCLA.