For Modern Resting | Small is Beautiful

14321 Yale Avenue Irvine, CA 92604
Oct 16, 10 AM - 11 AM — ends Dec 11, 2020
Inspired by the joy, sensibility, and humanism of mid-century modern designer Alexander Girard, this exhibition carries forward the idea that rest is an inherently vital act. Artist Erik Benjamins, in collaboration with Shannon Finnegan, Lauren Godfrey, and Norma, creates an inviting and thoughtful environment that welcomes viewers to contemplate how sensory engagement and slowness manifest in daily life.

Open by appointment.


Grounded in the power of smallness, the in Small Is Beautiful explore how small-scale artworks and objects can be as striking and impactful as large, epic-scale works. This rumination on the power of the seemingly minuscule, addressed by each exhibiting artist through a myriad of themes and styles, aims to create a broader conversation around complex and universal themes including the human condition, the ecology, and Western history.

Exhibiting artists: Hilary Baker, Julia Couzens, Nancy Evans, Lawrence Gipe, Gegam Kacherian, Virginia Katz, Karla Klarin, Constance Mallinson, Siobhan McClure, Alain Rogier, Greg Rose, Coleen Sterritt, Marie Thibeault, Robert Walker, Joan Weinzettle, and Kay Whitney