Letters from the Etui: Workshop Series 3 👀

Los Angeles, CA
Nov 21, 11 AM - 3:30 PM — ends Nov 21, 2020
Women’s Center for Creative Work is pleased to present Letters from the Etui, a project curated by our Fall 2020 Organizers in Residence Brianna Mims, Minh Hân Vu and Georgina Grkikian.

Prison Abolitionism a view from North Africa and the Middle East
Saturday, November 21st, 11am
Hosted by Freida Afary

New forms of collaboration for transformational justice: performance, narrative, and animation
Saturday, November 21st, 12:30pm
Hosted by Dr. Kamran Afary, Lee Gibson, and Daniel Whitlow

Practical Healing: A Guide to Integrate Daily Wellness
Saturday, November 21st, 2:30pm
Hosted by Jordi

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