John Lund

945 Chung King Road Los Angeles, Ca 90012
Oct 30, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Dec 19, 2020
Tierra Del Sol Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of John Lund, a native Angelino who has been in the Tierra Studios Art program since 2008. Lund makes intense, yet whimsical abstract colored drawings of animals, landscapes and people.

Recognizing Lund’s unique artistic skills, Tierra Del Sol Gallery is staging a special installation that immerses the viewer in a world of line, color and visionary forms. Like artist Peter Williams, Lund creates color-rich universes of characters and ideas, from cats and dogs to people and places he encounters through different magazines. His drawings use vivid color lines to tell stories that invite the viewer into his artistic, abstracted world.

Lund presents work as imagined experience, where he focuses in and out on details, and extrapolates the line from form,abstracting landscapes free from constraints of representation and made from multiple, layered gestures slightly reminiscent of Jackson Pollock. Like Pollock, Lund’s work transcends the material in that he frees the form of the animals, the portraits and even the environments from the line work and paper so that the viewer is inundated with feelings rather than distinct shapes. This technique resonates as an organic aesthetic, as something innately known or self-referential.

Greater than the connections to natural world, toward something felt over seen, is John Lund’s desire to make work that shares his joy with the viewer. In the style of Paul McCarthy, Lund’s world is at once real and imaginary where he uses everyday materials to express the dynamism of making, the lively and fun practice of seeing, interpreting, revealing and redacting shapes, stories and scenes in the service of communicating big and small ideas.

Tierra Del Sol is happy to share John Lund’s intuitive and captivating body of work. This exhibition opens October 30th and runs through December 19th.