DISRUPT the Fowler: Estevan Oriol

308 Charles E. Yound Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90095
Nov 23, 4 PM - 5 PM — ends Nov 23, 2020
Estevan Oriol is a worldwide DISRUPTOR in photography. The subject and director of the Netflix documentary, “LA Originals,” he captures both the glamour of Hollywood celebrities and the uncut reality of the inner cities. Oriol reveals the true essence of his subjects in an unapologetic approach to photographic truth. Join the Fowler and DISRUPT for a conversation with Oriol and a look back at some of his most famous images, including those of Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Ryan Gosling, Floyd Mayweather, and Snoop Dogg. Free with RSVP.

RSVP: tinyurl.com/disruptxoriol