Scott Olson: Watercolors

1440 Logan St, Apt 1, Los Angeles CA 90026
Nov 14, 10 AM - 6 PM — ends Dec 07, 2020
Feuilleton is open by appointment only. Please contact or DM for an appointment.

Feuilleton is pleased to present a solo exhibition of watercolors by Scott Olson. 

These works are part of the daily practice of working on paper that Olson started in March of this year, thanks to the immediacy of the medium and the fact it allowed him to work at home amid other daily activities. Unlike his painting, which is the byproduct of a much more lengthy and labored process, watercolors allow him a certain nimbleness, which also responds to the practical history of the medium. “I view my work with watercolor,” he writes, “as a kind of schematic of a particular moment or thought. It seems fitting given watercolor’s role in recording natural histories prior to sensorial and technological advancements like photography and digital imaging, such as studies of fluid dynamics, geology, cartography or using abstract images to describe abstract processes.” 

Prismatic and jewel-like, the form of these works evokes the nature of the medium. In other words, what they depict looks as if it were submerged in a shallow pool or underneath a veil of undulating water. Alternatively, the colors could be fragments of light refracted through a crystal and momentarily cast onto a surface, as though through a window. While their dense pictorial matrices are reminiscent of certain European modernists such as Paul Klee or Sonia Delaunay, the works are equally influenced by Olson’s interest in and personal history with playing improvisational music. Indeed, they could be read as abstract registrations of music– or even strange and improbable sheets of music which are meant to be fed into some kind of fantastical music machine. One imagines bright and lucid harmonies cascading into the ear, just as these abstractions shimmer into the eye.