Sam Vernon: Future Shock 👀

4654 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Jan 23, 2 PM - 7 PM — ends Mar 27, 2021
Mim Gallery is pleased to present Sam Vernon: Future Shock, a site-specific and first solo exhibition of the artist's work in Los Angeles. This exhibition runs from Saturday, January 23, 2021 through Saturday, March 27, 2021. By appointment only.

Using Alvin Toffler and Adelaide Farrell’s 1970 publication Future Shock as a critical point of departure, Vernon stages the gallery with textiles, paintings and found objects, creating a constellation of made and found images to address a climate of visceral agitation and urgency.

Vernon uses collage, drawing, photography, printmaking and painting to convey a sense of frenzy within the familiar. Her work is heavily abstract, leaving the viewer responsible to invent context in which existence can be witnessed “when too much changes in too short a period of time." Contemplating “future as a way of life,” Vernon’s personal narrative fuses with larger social issues to create a visual cacophony that challenges the neutrality of the gallery and the autonomy of the viewer. The installation does not keep neatly to the corners of its container, but erupts from the walls over its viewers and across the space.

Through a heightened sensory turbulence, Vernon offers an introspective installation that wrestles with the limits of “seeing” and demonstrates how presence can be given to absent voices amidst overwhelming change and technological fury.