THESE DAZE, Curated by Ramon Ramirez

131 North Avenue 50 Highland Park, CA 90042
Dec 21, 6 PM - 9 PM — ends Jan 23, 2021
Opening online December 12, 2020

Curated by: Ramon Ramirez

Exhibiting Artists:
Raul Baltazar | Salina Canizales | Jaime Chavez | Val Echavarria | Yolanda Gonzalez | Gemma Lopez | José Lozano | Belinda Martinez | Art Meza | José Ramirez | Ramon Ramirez | Mario Trillo | with poetry by Lorna Dee Cervantes

Curatorial Statement by Ramon Ramirez:

The sky has fallen. Everything has changed. I wish I were being dramatic, but the painful truth is that nothing is the same. The one constant is that artists continue to make art. It’s what we do. In this exhibition, I’m bringing together some of the best artists in Los Angeles that have not only continued to make art but have also found ways to be innovative. As we stay safer at home, the rules for art have changed; conventional exhibitions have given way to virtual events, and artists are finding new ways to continue to bring art to their community. In these trying times, art is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

The group of artists brought together here are a mix of master and emerging artists. They have an up-to-the-minute pulse on our tumultuous times.