1815 S Main St. Los Angeles, CA 90015
Mar 01, 7 PM - 9 PM — ends Mar 30, 2021
AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard.” In Glitch Feminism Legacy Russell advocates for the use of the term instead of IRL meaning “In Real Life” because today there is no separation between real and digital life. Our online life is as real and impactful as any other aspect of our lived experience, when we are not inhabiting our digital self it’s not gone just simply away. This exhibition is a celebration of the marginalized other, the work in it is a form of advocacy that captures the indistinguishable line between online and AFK self-representation. Using digital 3D sculptures, painting, video, collage, and various techniques of appropriation facilitated by online engagement the artists of AFK transform a variety of subjects related to physical and digital embodiment. AFK addresses youtube makeup tutorials, the relationship between the body and architectural landscapes, avatars, gaming, overexposure and popular culture, identity as fetish object, subversive SEO, the nuanced experience of the disabled body, and the self-surveillance promoted in our increasingly digital existence in Covid and beyond.

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Sydney Shavers
Rudy Falagán
Panteha Abareshi
Johnny Forever
Gretchen Andrew
Paulson Lee
Lanéya Billingsley

Sound: Margot Pauline Padilla

Curated by: Casey Kauffmann

Image above: Lanéya Billingsley, still from "Bed or alone....Fade into," 2020, 4:40