Holly Elander: Our Home | Vonn Sumner: Burning Down the House 👀

633 N. La Brea Ave, LA, CA 90036
Feb 27, 12 PM - 5 PM — ends Mar 20, 2021
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 27th, 12 - 5 pm

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Holly Elander : "Our Home"
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"When I was 10 years old my family called the police thinking they heard a burglar walking on the roof. It turned out to be a rather large raccoon. On another day we pulled up to our house to find a 6 ft long snake sunbathing in our driveway. One Halloween a small pack of coyotes followed us on our slow trek throughout the neighborhood. And for a couple of weeks in the springtime two ducks paddled in our pool more than we probably did for the whole year.

With this series I wanted to create a whimsical tribute to all of the animals who have come to visit throughout the years by making my home theirs. The house I grew up in is a 59-year-old mid-century modern house. It has floor to ceiling windows and rooms with minimal walls that gives you the feeling of being in a wide open space. This is why I have chosen to omit painting floors or ceilings in my pieces and instead let objects such as furniture, rugs, and cars build the environment instead. For my latest contribution of this series I decided to trade in the bright colored backgrounds for a more muted palette, creating a larger void-like space for the designed furniture and creatures to live in. In these latest works I wanted to include more still life compositions to include the more intimate scenes in my parents’ home and to show off their love of the “knick-knack”. The juxtaposition of the animals interacting with the design of the house is a playful tension between man and nature and how we share this world (and sometimes our home) with one another."

- Holly Elander


Vonn Sumner : "Burning Down The House"
Online and By Appointment
"This series of paintings began in early 2019, before any of us had heard of Covid19, and before the summer of protests and uprisings in the name of social justice and human rights.

The subjects in the paintings are things that I genuinely love to look at: trashcans, dumpsters, empty industrial buildings, the way that fire dances and licks the air. I worked mostly from memory, accumulated over years spent walking or driving around downtown city centers, back alleys and side streets, watching cats sit in windows or roam their neighborhood, staring at campfires in the woods or bonfires on the beach. The decision to paint these things was intuitive and visual and personal. To spend the time that I spend on paintings, I need to really love and have a connection to the things I am painting: the haunting beauty and mystery of old abandoned buildings and warehouses, the human trace left in graffiti and the subsequent cover-up paint, the ways that we mark our lived-in environment. I am interested in the way that dumpsters and trashcans contain the evidence of our lives, the things we don’t want to keep anymore, or the things that we don’t want others to see. I love the effortless style and total indifference of cats, the way they remain wild and separate no matter how much we try to domesticate them. I become almost hypnotized by the way that fire lights our rituals and and our disasters, and by the way the smoke smells from a distance.

By the time I completed this body of work, the world around us had shifted so much that I now see these paintings in a totally different way. Empty buildings and the signs of people on the streets have different and more urgent resonances to me now. Fires and graffiti have different associations for me now. And I wonder what it all looks like to cats?"

- Vonn Sumner