Sonia Pacheco: Sacred Fool

545 South Clarence Street Los Angeles, CA 90033
Feb 27, 2 PM - 8 PM — ends Mar 27, 2021
GCS and Hubble Studio are pleased to present 'Sacred Fool' by Sonia Pacheco featuring a sculptural series of female forms surrounding themes of resilience and reclaiming freedom.
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The Sacred Fool calls on us to cast away our limitations, to forgo conventions, and to leave behind what no longer serves us. It is an oracle that challenges us to play and to be free, to express ourselves fully without the burden of societal judgment. The Sacred Fool knows no bounds—only the richness of life that awaits once you embrace its message. From this powerful offering, Sonia Pacheco’s latest collection emerges.

Sacred Fool embodies the joyful, independent spirit that reemerged during her process of creation. These unique and editioned sculptures mark the artist’s next chapter in a harrowing journey of healing. After years of legal battles, thrust into a state of perpetual sadness and confusion, the global pandemic only exacerbated her pain and uncertainty. Faced with stay-at-home orders she immersed herself in her work and found a deep sense of happiness and freedom, a reawakened imagination, and the willingness to embrace the unscripted nature of life. Through these sculptures, she found strength for herself and her daughter, Ava. Most of all, she found her light.