Alison Limtavemongkol: Trust Issues

11631 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025
Apr 17, 11 AM - 6 PM — ends May 15, 2021
From April 17 - May 15, 2021, Open Mind Art Space will present "Trust Issues", a solo exhibition by the gallery’s founder and director, Alison Limtavemongkol.  The long overdue showing is Alison’s solo debut and artist’s premiere at Open Mind Art Space, a creative haven that has welcomed local and national visual artists since its founding in 2016. The gallery will open for viewing at limited capacity on Opening Day, Saturday, April 17th, from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM (masks and social distancing required). The exhibition will be on view by appointment and online through May 15th.

Inspired by personal events, "Trust Issues" challenged Alison to examine the relationships in her life that have shaped her views of intimacy, family, friendship, and selfhood. At the entrance of the exhibit is a large installation exploring the toxic connections that instill mistrust in others. Alison reflects, “Trust. When there is a breakdown in trust within a relationship, it is often difficult to fully regain belief in others again. It breeds insecurity and fear, and these vulnerabilities then become fair game for opportunists. This exhibit is my way of confronting the moments when I lost trust. With each experience, I became more aware of people’s ill intentions and my own self limiting thoughts. Knowing when to leave a toxic situation and reclaiming my inner strength were how I learned to trust again.”

"Trust Issues" features a series of mixed media sculptures and assemblages which incorporate recycled materials and a minimalistic aesthetic to underscore the mixed emotional states of trust building, breaking, and reimagining. A running theme in the exhibit is Alison’s use of string and wire, interwoven and intermingled throughout different works within the exhibit, to evoke the omnipresence of interpersonal connection and the anxious tension that sometimes arises within relationships. “We are all connected and interdependent, and honoring that connection is the key to trust,” Alison asserts. 

The exhibition also features a series of mixed media works on wood panels. One titled "Resisting the Fade", is made with watercolor and tautly tied string in a netted pattern. Alison explains, “This piece is about the impermanence of fleeting moments, situations and relationships, and the tension of wanting to maintain control. It is a reminder to let go and let be.”

Another notable series on view in the exhibit is a collection of three photographed black and white self-portraits, each highlighting and abstracting a portion of the artist’s face. Their titles, "One Eye Open", "Selective Hearing" and "Talk Sick", are plays on words that represent the psychological damage caused by miscommunication and misunderstanding in relationships.

"Trust Issues" is an exploration of emotional toxicity, healing and empowerment. Each artwork in the exhibition is a meditation for both artist and viewer, to reflect on how our negative actions and words can harm others. Ultimately, with acceptance and transcendence, the ability to build and rebuild trust is possible.

Alison Limtavemongkol (b. 1986, Los Angeles, CA) is an artist and entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, California. Her work explores the complexities of human emotions and often deals with concepts of impermanence and self empowerment. Her mixed media sculptures and assemblages are made using a variety of materials such as string, wire, and paint to create textures and colors that are meant to evoke different feelings or states of mind. In 2008, Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts from Loyola Marymount University, and was the recipient of the Grace Swanson Scholarship for Excellence in Painting. In 2016, Alison founded Open Mind Art Space, where she has curated numerous art exhibitions showcasing the works of emerging and established artists.

Open Mind Art Space is a contemporary art gallery and alternative art space located in West Los Angeles. It features contemporary art from a diverse blend of talented emerging artists and it is dedicated to facilitating a curatorial process that allows its artists to create impactful work. Its mission is to inspire and challenge the local Los Angeles community by providing a comfortable, engaging space for reflection and dialogue. 

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