LUMINEX: Dialogues of Light

1066 S Hope St. Los Angeles, CA
Apr 10, 7:30 PM - 11:30 PM — ends Apr 10, 2021
Outdoor Walkable Digital Art Exhibition in DTLA
One Night Only
Local Artists Invite Community To Experience The Healing Power of Art
Featured Image: Refik Anadol, LUMINEX installation rendering titled, "Wind of Los Angeles"

WHAT: On the evening of Saturday, April 10, 2021, the Los Angeles community is invited to experience LUMINEX, an outdoor walkable digital art exhibition taking place in the South Park district of DTLA. The exhibition will run 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. This experience is free to the public.

LUMINEX is curated by NOW Art Foundation, exhibiting six internationally acclaimed Los Angeles artists: Refik Anadol, Nancy Baker Cahill, Sarah Rara, Carole Kim, Luciana Abait, and Akiko Yamashita; supported by a collective of community sponsors.

Using our DTLA buildings as backdrops, these Los Angeles artists will use cutting edge digital art to reflect upon the past year, re-inspire our cultural connection, and spotlight the healing power of art. This site-specific exhibition will feature six massive architecturally distinct walls within a 5-block walkable radius (W Pico Blvd, S Olive St, W 11th St, S Hope St, Flower St).

Each local artist will transform their site, projecting a different story or “dialogue of light” using video and sound. The digital installations will speak to themes pivotal at this moment in time: voids and shattering realities, inclusion and diversity, the healing nature of water, sustainability and our environmental future, and local-global interconnectedness. Some installations will include live performances, augmented reality, multi-channel video art, and immersive experiences.

“Our hope is that the project has great potential to aid our collective healing process, as we emerge from this pandemic, through the power of imagination in the form of art.” Refik Anadol, media artist and director, globally recognized for his work, including Dreams, Walt Disney Concert Hall, in 2018.

WHY: Through this immersive experience, LUMINEX will transcend the physical to evoke the healing power of art. Intentionally placed in the heart of our City, LUMINEX is a mark for Los Angeles. It’s an impactful and meaningful way for these artists to give back here at home – at a time when our communities need it most.

As businesses and buildings re-open, LUMINEX aims to safely engage, inspire and contribute to all Angelenos as we move forward. This video art collaboration will also illuminate the importance of accessible public art in our culture and the future of humanity.

“Los Angeles is a city of artists and the light they shed supports our collective transition through what we hope is the end of this pandemic into the future,” Carmen Zella, Founder & Director, NOW Art Foundation. “I felt a responsibility, to our City and our local artists, to create space for the community to experience the work and messages of these profound artists. This is a love note to Los Angeles.”

ACCESS: Self-guided walkable exhibition. Free to the public. No reservations or tickets required.

Use QR Code for walking map and to access special audio messages from artists.
Earbuds strongly recommended to interact with audio at each exhibit.

WHERE: South Park district of DTLA

Site #1: 421 W Pico Blvd // Carole Kim
*This site features live performances.

Site #2: 1154 S Olive Street // Sarah Rara (7:30 to 9:30 p.m.) + Akiko Yamashita (9:30 to 11:30 p.m.)
*This site features audio and multi-channel video art on northern/southern facing walls.

Site #3: 420 W 11th Street // Nancy Baker Cahill
*This site features augmented reality; AR app required, download “4th Wall” at App Store:

Site #4: 1066 S Hope Street // Refik Anadol
*This site features an acoustic track from the LA Philharmonic.

Site #5: 1025 Flower Street // Luciana Abait
*This site features an immersive experience.

QR CODE: The community is encouraged to use the LUMINEX QR Code to access a Walking Map and special audio message from each artist.

Approx. 45 minutes to experience all five sites on-foot.

Sites are 2-5-minutes walking distance a part.

Tip: start at Site #1; though attendees may walk in any order.

Visit for complete details.

SAFETY: Masks must be worn at all times at all exhibition sites. Social distancing must be practiced. Together, we can keep our community safe and healthy.

LIVE STREAM: Access a live stream program of LUMINEX at on Saturday, April 10 from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. PT

NFT: This exhibition will be the first-ever auctioned public art NFT (non-fungible token); making it locally felt and globally reaching. A portion of proceeds will be used to support production costs and future public art exhibitions in Los Angeles. NFT details, including date and auction site, will be generated post-event and listed at For more info, please inquire with the subject "NFT Auction" to

WHO: LUMINEX,, is curated by NOW Art Foundation, exhibiting six local Los Angeles artists: Refik Anadol, Nancy Baker Cahill, Sarah Rara, Carole Kim, Luciana Abait, and Akiko Yamashita; and supported by a collective of community sponsors: Panasonic, Hawke Media, South Park Business Improvement District, JB3D, Central City Association of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles Council District 14, Arup Engineering, 801 Tower, Cutler Enterprises, Show Imaging, Inc. and Building Bridges Art Exchange.

SOCIAL: Follow LUMINEX on Instagram: @nowartla #luminexla #nowartla

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Refik Anadol // @refikanadol //
Refik Anadol is an award-winning media artist, director and spatial thinker. He creates site-specific public art with parametric data sculpture approach and live audio/visual performance with immersive installation approach. Creator of Dreams, Walt Disney Concert Hall, in 2018, Anadol will present Wind of Los Angeles at LUMINEX. This art piece turns the invisible patterns of wind in and around LA into a series of poetic data sculptures and projects them on the façade of the Desmond building in DTLA.

Nancy Baker Cahill // @nancybakercahill //
Nancy Baker Cahill works at the intersection of fine art, new media and activism. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of 4th Wall, a free Augmented Reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression. Cahill’s installation at LUMINEX is titled Hollow Point 101, originally created in response to what felt like an expanding moment of high impact shattering – culturally, politically, and environmentally. This art offers both a mirror and a portal against this backdrop and that of the pandemic.

Sarah Rara // @raraspeaks //
Sarah Rara’s multi-disciplinary practice – including video, sound, writing, and performance – explores the position of witness within fragile systems. At LUMINEX, Rara presents Perfect Touch 2021 which will project across two channels situated on the northern and southern wall faces of 1154 South Olive Street, forming a digital embrace across a divide, mirroring with difference. This art searches the in-between spaces and invisible entanglements between us, navigating connection alongside distance and loss.

Carole Kim // @shinealighton //
Carole Kim works primarily with video projection for multi-media installation, performance and photography – where technology meets the human, physical, and tangible world. At LUMINEX, Carole Kim presents A VOID A VOID. Her site, the Morrison Hotel, holds the weight of prolonged absence and historical presence. The two inlets of the building present an opportunity to metaphorically explore loss, the hole of a pandemic, the gaps of isolation, and the intransigent nature of communication that is so prevalent at present.

Luciana Abait // @lucianaabait //
Luciana Abait is a visual artist working with mixed media and installation to create work focusing on climate change and mysterious landscapes that explore themes of human presence and absence. At LUMINEX, Abait presents Agua, a multichannel artwork combining videos of water gathered through years from around the globe. This art offers the public an oasis for healing and understanding of mind and emotion. It is inspired by the flood-myth motif from many cultures where water acts as a cleansing and rebirth tool.

Akiko Yamashita // @akikoyamashita3d //
Akiko Yamashita is a Japanese artist best known for projection mapping and light installations, inspired by patterns and movements in nature and the full spectrum of colors. At LUMINEX, Yamashita presents Forest Perception. A life-size forest will appear, for one night only, on the northern and southern wall faces of 1154 South Olive Street. One side looking up from below the roots network, and the other side looking down from the canopy. A unique perspective to absorb the beauty of the forest biosphere living together as one.

MEDIA CONTACT: Emma Jacobson-Sive,, 323-842-2064