Into the Blue

2525 MIchigan Ave., B-2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
May 22, 10 AM - 6 PM — ends Aug 14, 2021
ROSEGALLERY invites you to step with us Into the Blue. The uncertainty of this past year has left many with a sense of reset, and the next steps appear unknown; Yet, in the uncharted awaits opportunities for closeness. Into the Blue explores these very pathways, through an exploration of the hues and histories connected with the color blue.

The group exhibition features works by Jo Ann Callis, Kennedi Carter, John Chiara, Elger Esser, Yishai Jusidman, Gayle Kabaker, Tania Franco Klein, Steve Galloway, Rinko Kawauchi, Diana Markosian, Manfred Müller, Sheila Pinkel, Maureen Selwood and Megan Cotts, Lieko Shiga, and Aaron Stern.

Featured Image: Kennedi Carter, 'Sweet Lady Val,' 2020