Colonial Swag: African and African Diasporic Surrealism 👀

600 State Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90037
Jun 10, 5 PM - 6:30 PM — ends Jun 10, 2021
In Atlantica, The Gilda Region, April Bey’s first solo museum exhibition in Los Angeles, the Bahamian-American interdisciplinary artist presents an immersive installation that taps into Black Americans’ historical embrace of space travel and extraterrestrial visioning—a cultural movement dating back to the late 1960s and later termed Afrofuturism. Through this Afrofuturist lens and her personal experience, Bey critically explores issues within American and Bahamian cultures, including race, colonialism, decolonization, and neo-colonialism. Join Bey, musician and film director Wanlov the Kubolor, and artist Jeffrey Meris as they screen Wanlov's music video “True Friends” to set the stage for a discussion about colonialism and the remnants still impacting Africa and the Caribbean. RSVP for Zoom details.

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