Tristan Eaton: All At Once: 25 Years of Art & Design

2300 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA, 90803
Jul 16, 11 AM - 5 PM — ends Oct 03, 2021
Tristan Eaton • All At Once: 25 Years of Art & Design

JULY 16, 2021 - OCT 3, 2021

Long Beach Museum of Art
2300 E Ocean Blvd. | Long Beach, CA 90803
Thurs. - Sun. 11AM-5PM
$12 for General Admission | $10 for Students and Seniors
Free for LBMA Members and Children Under 12

In a career milestone, Tristan Eaton: All At Once presents a 25-year retrospective of the LA-native’s ongoing work and studio practice. Like Eaton’s career, the fully loaded exhibition transitions between guerrilla street art, iconic murals, game-changing design, and well-defined fine art, giving the viewer an atlas map of Eaton’s illustrious career.
Eaton’s exhibition transcends categories. The retrospective is meant to explore both his commercial appeal and his fine art abilities, juxtaposing and weaving them together seamlessly. As one of the few Urban Pop Artists to demonstrate both, Eaton highlights the synergy and creativity that become possible when the artistic side and the business side are embraced as cooperative, rather than opposing forces. Like the works of Murakami and KAWS, high art and product fill the same space making merchandise, public art, and fine art equally relevant.