Photo Cameroon: Studio Portraiture 1970-1990s | Opening Program

308 Charles E. Young Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90095
Jul 10, 12 PM - 1 PM — ends Dec 05, 2021
Photo Cameroon: Studio Portraiture 1970–1990s features more than 110 black-and-white images by Jacques Toussele, Joseph Chila, and Samuel Finlak, who ran successful photo studios during Cameroon’s post-independence era. Their clients often chose specific dress, props, and poses to show their cultural, political, and religious affiliations, musical preferences, leisure activities, and more. These portraits expand our knowledge of life and individuality in Cameroon.

The program will include a sneak peek at the exhibition with the co-curators, and a conversation with Head of the British Library’s Endangered Archives Programme, which was instrumental in digitizing Toussele’s photo archive. Free with RSVP.