Crossroads, Crossing, and Convergence

216 S. Louise St, Glendale, CA 91205
Jul 24, 2 PM - 6 PM — ends Aug 21, 2021
Tufenkian Fine Arts is pleased to present Crossroads, Crossing, and Convergence, a group exhibition featuring a selection of first-generation immigrant female artists. The exhibition will run from Wednesday, July 21st and will be on view through Saturday, August 21st.

The exhibition uses the word crossroads as a unifying principle – the artists, though varied in their approaches, are united under a shared identity of multiple cultural experiences. In a world filled with variety of unfamiliar thoughts, practices, racial, economic, social, and political divides; these artists are connected by a common thread of acceptance and tolerance which female immigrants have faced around the globe. The nine featured artists in the exhibition are women of diverse backgrounds making history, while ensuring that the vital pulse of LA’s art scene continues to beat in an ever-changing society between the Crossroads Crossing and Convergence.