UCR MFA Thesis Exhibition: Bag of Cats 2 👀

1206 S. Maple Ave, Suite 715 Los Angeles, California 90015
Jul 16, 1 PM - 5 PM — ends Jul 26, 2021
JOAN is pleased to host University of California Riverside’s MFA Thesis Exhibition, Bag of Cats 2, closing July 26th. This exhibition is open daily from 1-5pm.

Annual MFA Thesis Exhibition Bag of Cats, with works by five graduating Master of Fine Arts students in UCR's Department of Art:

John Buptle

Olivia Leiter

Bingyang Liu

Josh Schaedel

These students join the ranks of Master of Fine Arts graduates from art departments and art schools across Southern California, a region that has become known for transforming its art students into major players on the international art scene. UCR’s distinctive thesis exhibition offers our highly motivated students an off-campus, public gallery setting to present an ambitious body of work, cumulating advanced art research and practice into a thesis project. The distinguished full-time faculty in UCR's Art Department includes Anna Betbeze, John Divola, Jill Giegerich (Emeritus), Jim Isermann, Brandon Lattu, Charles Long, Lynne Marsh, Yunhee Min, and Amir Zaki.

Featured Image: Josh Schaedel, 2021, brick wrapped with adhesive vinyl. (Courtesy of the artist)