Visual-O 👀

1325 Palmetto Ave
Aug 21, 7 PM - 10 PM — ends Oct 02, 2021
On view August 21 - October 2, 2021

MASH Gallery continues its smash hits of stunning summer exhibitions with VISUAL O, an arresting kaleidoscope of works by established artists at the top of their game. VISUAL O opens August 21.

LOS ANGELES (August 21st) Haleh Mashian, MASH Gallery founder, has curated the highlight of the Los Angeles summer exhibitions, VISUAL O. VISUAL O stands for “Visual Orgasm,” a state of being Mashian defines as the moment “the artist becomes one with the piece and stops the process of creating and lets the painting take over.” Mashian connects the release of orgasms as the space between thought and physicality. “There is no ‘mind’ in an orgasm. That is one of the reasons it’s pleasurable,” Mashian enlightens. “It starts with the physical and becomes an expression of the divine.”

VISUAL O features the works of ANDY MOSES, CHASE LANGFORD, KENNY NGUYEN, LISA BETH OLDER, LISA SHULTE and HALEH MASHIAN. Shown together in juxtaposition, VISUAL O is an orgasmic attack on the visual sense. Each artist works with the vibrancy of acrylics with startling results. Venice artist, Andy Moses, harnesses the viscosity of the acrylic paint itself as a way of painting. His circular works represent abstract landscapes in globe form: a world in a marble. Los Angeles-based artist, Chase Langford, invented Geographic Expressionism, the next iteration of abstract expressionism, which uses a cartographic language of the natural world as inspiration. Mixed media sculptor, Kenny Nguyen hand weaves silk and other materials creating rippling surfaces and textures. Lisa Beth Older’s perspective of dense abstraction reveals a controlled abandonment. Well-known neon artist, Lisa Schulte’s newest work plays with geometric dimension and fluid rigidity. Mashian’s work from the Rose Series, re-interprets the singular beauty of the rose to the point of abstraction. What is at first a familiar flora is depicted as a strange landscape—both new and alluring.

“In each work, we see that the artist uses their mind, their craft, their experiences and technique to create. Within the process, there is a letting go—a surrender that happens—that is similar to the orgasmic experience,” explores Mashian. “Perhaps that is the joy of painting after all—to get lost in the process while staying fully conscious, which is the basis for Tantric sex.”

“Each work has a charm, an individuality. The work is not a product of training, it is a harmonious expression of the originality of the person, the artist. It is the essential truth and beauty of form, color and texture.” For Mashian, the resulting works are a fusion of their mastership and the material the artists use based on knowledge, intelligence and insight that is fueled by their imagination. “These artists consistently create from the constructive quality with force and sincerity where the world of ideas and the world of matter merge artistically.”

VISUAL O is the connection between mind and no mind, constructive mastership and intelligence, technicality and vitality.

Opens: August 21 through October 2
Opening Reception: August 21

Andy Moses
Chase Langford
Haleh Mashian
Lisa Beth
John Monn
Kenny Nguyen
Lisa Schulte
Michelle Benoit
Robert Standish

Featured image: CHASE LONGFORD | METROPOLIS 9 | OIL ON CANVAS | 34" x 26"